How to stay safe from the trick action encoded in the Android system?

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Author Lucas Stephanie invites researchers in malware have ESET

The height of the latter which appeared in the service operations of the crypto-currency cryptocurrency on the platform of Android operating systems has shown that such incidents are not limited to personal computers, they also highlight the importance of knowing what exactly is happening so I don’t participate in something unintentional.

Don’t lead the increasing prices and popularity of the crypto-currency to attract many potential users, but also lead to the inspiration of scammers across the Internet to find new and innovative ways to reach out to all of these virtual currencies, of course, not limited to the service processes that are using Crypto-currency on the personal computers, have already appeared on the platform of the Android systems through the use of a large range of development.

Apps fake currency swap encrypted

Exchange of Crypto-currency is a very attractive target for fraudsters, not only because of its popularity among hobbyists, but because many of them don’t provide a mobile application, such “ground gas, eligible” working as a magnet for crooks, who don’t waste time in the autumn and further malicious and harmful.

Usually, the purpose of these applications fake is the address to get the login credentials via the switch official, and the attackers used the stolen credentials to take over the compromised accounts to lure users into giving away their passwords, and get the crooks to work as much of counterfeiting, such as the name of the application developer and the application’s icon and user interface, usually trying to those legal services, the application seems to be covered well and you can a good rating by fake users.

Recent cases of these tricks is to apply the phishing was detected on the Google Play Store in the past year has been the re-emergence of her frequently since then, which produces the currency exchange Poloniex to return encrypted.

Applications portfolio work encrypted illusion.

Also infect the systems act similar to users of the portfolio currency is encrypted instead of the password just say the attackers directly obtain the keys and your wallet, in practical terms, this means that the risk is higher for users of the portfolio currency is encrypted.

Lost reset password stolen to exchange currency encrypted with the help of the switch that holds the private key for the user but in the case of the wallet, the private key is compromised, no one can rescue the situation.

We recently observed this type of malignant behavior in applications that impersonate MyEtherWallet, which is about the portfolio item popular, open source, and download apps that have been downloaded on Google Play several times in recent months, the theft of private keys of users through the words of the iterative use of models log pseudo-different, such as the Exchange Poloniex, and possesses MyEtherWallet the application of formal beauty, which makes it a source of attraction for people scammers.

To the application side phishing, we have also analyzed the portfolios of Crypto-currency counterfeit and which are just trying to deceive the victim to work to the governor of the attackers.

Follow this type of trick is a simple procedure, pretending to be establish open years for new offers users to send their digital to the address that has been created, if you follow the users these instructions, it will be soon that the work that they sent had disappeared.

Encryption software harmful which work on Android system

With the recent boom in the development of the use of the cryptocurrency, the higher also the number of teachers on the Android operating system and because the encryption software malicious tracking systems of approval, so users are familiar with and learned all about how to use their devices in the Exchange and mining of Crypto-currency cryptocurrency or are a familiar user aware that the device had been kidnapped by someone else to improve earnings?

We discovered recently that there is a version of the game Bug Smasher famous, that have been installed from Google Play between 1 and 5 million times, has been secretly use the blade of the mining Monero on users ‘ computers.

Mining fake currencies encrypted and free gifts

Belong to a separate class of miners to return encrypted to the application that pretends to be a user, but in fact no role to play unless it’s like the ads placed in traditional, try some of the miners counterfeiters who analyzed them also deceive users by attracting their operations, the classification component of the five-star hotel, despite the fact that these apps are not malware per se, but we consider it undesirable due to its nature deceptive.

It is interesting that the crooks who work behind some of the miners, counterfeiters don’t seem to worried about the futility of their promises, beside a countless number of bimetallic currencies bitcoin fake, and we also found apps is remove the ripple coin “cryptocare” section of the XRP, which is Non-configurable by definition.

I have been discovering all the apps mentioned above were blocked by systems ESET was suspended from the Google Play Store and the protection of users who have protection on the Google Play Store through this mechanism.

How you can stay safe.

Here’s what you can do to avoid falling victim to the operations of the service to return encrypted “cryptocare” on Android systems:

  • Treatment of the exchange of Crypto-currency portfolios with the same level of caution in the application of the Bank on your mobile phone.
  • When you download a mobile application to exchange Crypto-currency or portfolio, make sure that the service already offers a mobile application, you must link the application on the official website of the service.
  • If the option is available, use two-factor authentication to protect your accounts in the exchange or wallet with an extra layer of security.
  • When you download the app from Google Play watch the number of downloads, in addition to the Ratings and reviews for applications.
  • Keep updating your Android device and use the solution to secure and reliable portable devices to protect from the latest threats.

How to stay safe from the trick action encoded in the Android system?

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