How to speed up the reader insight mess S10

Samsung unveiled a fingerprint reader in the new Galaxy S10, which is not fast or stable as the previous, but it is still good, where I show updates of software that can be improved over time, but apart from that, the use of the reader footprint of the New requires that you follow some of the teachings to make it works well as much as possible, and offer you the leading tips to speed up the experience of the reader footprint at the Galaxy S10.

1) select the protective screen does not interfere with the reader the insight

Always make sure that the screen protector is compatible with Galaxy S10, where some may not work with reader insight ultrasound.

2) spend more time during the recording of your fingerprints

We know that getting the process of registering your fingerprints and take a long time, but for the best experience use the reader the insight you should spend more time to record, unlike the last generation of reader insight in the Galaxy S9, you can’t register your fingerprint with a single press, where the Galaxy S10 several sites list, followed by sites additional side, so you have to follow the demands more closely, and do not move your finger quickly, and make sure to log as much as possible of the fingerprint by pressing several times.

3) register each thumb twice.

As a result of probability of phone use of more than one person, Samsung has the availability of recording more than a finger to them through the reader insight, but nothing says you can’t register the fingerprint of the same finger twice to increase the amount of coverage you get, where you can register your fingerprint once during your pregnancy for the phone again while putting it on the table or bed, thereby changing the angle of the arm and hand, which provides you faster speed when you unlock your device.

4) Choose the right place to put your finger

Enjoy the reader insight to the inside of the screen in the Galaxy S10, with a relatively small area so that you can cover the place you lighting completely with your thumb, to get more speed, try to make the reader insight read the largest possible part to put your thumb in the best place possible, and certainly it requires some training at first, and then start relying on it and get better results heavily use.

5) re-register the your fingerprint each period

After you use your phone for a few days or maybe a few weeks, you can quit if you encounter a problem in the identification of your fingerprint you can re-register your fingerprint every period, where it seems sensor fingerprint Galaxy S10 is especially sensitive to her husband put the thumb, it can change the position of your finger with frequent usage, you just have the war to keep putting the thumb of the user you have when shopping for new.

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