How to solve the problem of the notifications step-by-step

Prepare notifications in the Android phones of the most important components in any device, where you think a lot of the applications on that property such as the Gmail app, WhatsApp, and other apps,but the user experiences a problem, the notifications, for example, stop the phone from receiving notifications for any app only when you open it manually if you suffer from this problem offer you in this article is more of a solution to fix that problem .

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How to solve the problem of the notifications step by step

  • Restart the phone

You might be surprised of being the first step to fix the problem of the notifications is to restart the phone, but what should be mentioned is that once a simple restart of the phone you can represent the solution to re-show the logos of the new, but in the case of the continuation of the problem follow the following steps .

  • Check the settings of your notifications

In the lack of success in solving the problem by restarting the phone you should make sure all access permissions to the notifications in all apps and you can verify this by moving to Settings> Applications and notifications> see all applications by clicking on app access to notifications and activate the notifications.

  • Solve the problem of stop notices by turning off Adaptive Battery

To turn off this feature completely, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Adaptive and disable this feature. However, if you want to disable it for a specific app, go to Settings> Applications and notifications> see all applications> [choose your app]> advanced options> improved battery .

  • Solve the problem of the notifications by disabling the feature do not disturb

There is another important thing to be taken into account during the reform of stop notices a do not disturb mode. As is evident from its name, features Do Not Disturb silences all notifications from all apps, unless you have inserted in the White list. So it might be that you enabled by mistake, therefore, to review its settings, go to Settings and find Do Not Disturb mode under sounds / notifications. You can also use the search bar to the top of the settings page , and from there, be sure to turn off this mode for the app you choose or completely if you do by mistake .

  • Keep enable background data

If you disable Background data for any particular application, it is clear that he will not be able to get notifications in a timely manner. This is more in the case of internet applications only such as Gmail and WhatsApp. Make sure to enable background data already, you should go to Settings> Applications and notifications> all apps > [select the app]> use data> background data .

  • Disable Data Saver

Help you feature “save data” in restricting the amount of data consumed by the app when not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Although it is a useful feature in itself, this also means that you may miss your push notifications are also very important. Therefore, unless in extreme circumstances, be sure to turn it off to fix the problem of notifications . Option available do the same thing in Settings> Network and internet> use data> save data .

  • Fixed the problem of the notifications by the external application

The removal of the feature of the preparation of the repetition periods of the sync, and set it to 15 minutes by default . But you might save this interval up to one minute. For this, you may receive the help of the app Push Notification Fixer to fix notifications . The app provides different time periods, and from one minute to 30 minutes, although intervals of less will make the sync faster, but it will drain the battery faster, but she thinks one of the solutions .

  • Wait new update

If I don’t succeed all the ways above, it may be that as some bugs in the app . Wait a few days until the developer release an updated version of the app and tried to re-install it. This may solve your problem .


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