How to solve the problem of the consumption of “Google Play Services” Battery on your phone?

The etiology of the battery consumption of your phone android a lot, but there are some common problems that lead to the depletion of the battery charge quickly. One of these problems is the problem of the consumption of the services of the Google Play Store or Google Play Services the battery, a problem appears in systems android the beginning of Kitty and even oreo, which means that most of the phones know. In this article we explain how the problem occurs and attach it to the appropriate solution to prevent it and to provide battery charging.

How do you check the problem?

If your cards come from the fast access you need the scan first, the cause of which does not require any additional tools, just go to Battery in RS where you will find more apps that consume battery ranking die Top for less, the screen is definitely coming in the first place and then other applications, which If of Google Play Services, you have to follow article to know how to solve the problem.

Says Google Play Services is not without its application only but to the benefit of other applications via its updates to maps, location and email address for the applications that need these services in addition to Google ads also. So the app works permanently and consumes a lot of battery of your phone in which it is possible to receive with time.

How do you resolve the problem?

On various systems, Android OS the problem occurs for a number of reasons, not one reason, there is no one step to deal with the problem but you have to enjoy and deal with a number of different things that might be causing it. And the underlying causes of the problem at different points, namely:

Are you using more than one Google Account on the phone?

If you use more than one Google Account on your phone for any reason, you should know that this might be one of the etiology of consumption of application of the battery because it synchronizes the data more than one account at the same time, which means a greater number of operations. To solve the problem in this case is extremely easy, all you have to do is to dispense some of the accounts removed.

Does the application misuse of Google Play Services?

One of the causes to which it is possible to make the Google Play Services consuming lots of battery is a misuse of a third-party application. Can you confirm whether this is the reason or not by logging into Safe Mode, the problem disappeared the cause application on your phone.

Do you have problem with synchronization?

If your problem is a problem with growing your account data with the servers of Google, it is possible to cause the consumption of the battery at a fast rate. The solution to this problem is to remove your Google Account and add it again.

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