How to solve problem with Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy S10

Range of devices Samsung Galaxy S10, according to some, will be the last at the South Korean company that supports the standard pairing Bluetooth 5.0. In the future Samsung will move to a new format, but today after some time after purchase, some users started complaining about Bluetooth issues. When pairing the smartphone with some accessories observed connection breaks, and when working with wireless speakers quality sound. Let’s figure out what to do with it.

It all started with the fact that some users started complaining that Bluetooth turns off automatically a few seconds after the screen turns off. However, most claims at this time is due to the inability to connect via Bluetooth to Galaxy S10 to an accessory, which until then worked normally (e.g., with another device).

“When I run my Galaxy S10 is in the pocket, there is a constant disconnect headphones. As soon as I get the phone out of your pocket, everything works flawlessly. Moreover, such a problem does not occur with my Note 8.” — told one of the owners of S10 on the Galaxy forum Samsung.

People also complain about the pairing of smartphones with wearable electronics and even having problems when connecting the phone to the car. To the authenticated user, in many cases, the devices “see each other”, but pairing is not possible.

At the moment Samsung has not commented on this issue, so official explanations and solutions to problems yet. However, to do something to remedy the situation is still possible.

How to fix Bluetooth?

The easiest way to fix the problem is rebooting the device. But this is such an obvious point that the users themselves are trying to do it almost first thing. However, it is not always effective and can then save a complete reset network settings on your Galaxy S10. To reset network settings, follow these steps:

Go to Settings — select management — then select “Reset” — “Reset network settings”, confirm the desire to reset it to factory defaults.

After reset network settings on Galaxy S10 then try pairing the Bluetooth device and check if the issue persists.

Poor sound quality

Unfortunately, some users have reported problems with low sound quality and the presence of hiss when playing audio or making calls using Bluetooth. In this case it was possible to calculate the source of the problem. It happens when the smartphone is connected via Bluetooth two devices at the same time. Most likely, it will fix in the next firmware update, but at the moment, the way out only one and it is not to say that comfortable. Need to translate the second device in airplane mode (if it is a smart watch for example), or to try to reset and hold the pairing again. If that doesn’t help, it only remains to wait for the official statement from Samsung.

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