How to show battery percentage on iPhone XS

Can most users of iPhone see the battery percentage via the activation of that option from the settings, however, this is no longer possible starting from iPhone X to Xs because of the notes that deduct a large part of the notification bar the top, where the option to show the version of the settings, but there is a different way to show.

After checking in the system of the iPhone, the new notes, it dawned on us that the battery percentage in iPhone X XS XS Max XR activated already but its hidden in the Control Center, where you can access it via scrolling with your finger easily from anywhere and within any application.

This and to do that, you should press one of the fingers on the upper right corner of the company when the battery icon the icon of the power of the network, and then scroll down, where it will appear when the percentage of charge the battery, and when you scroll up again quickly, you will go back to what you were doing.

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