How to shoot slow motion video slow motion

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Acquire style slow motion slow motion popular, and no wonder in it, with manufacturers such as Samsung ,Sony andHuawei make improvements and offer more advantages and quality improvement in smart phones.

What is the mode slow motion slow motion is?

Allows you Water slow motion captures video at a slower speed than usual, this feature can be used for many different purposes, such as to highlight something funny or beautiful or show how to do something fast, complex and detailed way, and a lot of manufacturers of this feature, vary the picture quality and speed of delivery from model to model, however, used advanced devices 960 fps for download now.

Each manufacturer do things in their own way so it is difficult to generalize about this technique, it is important to remember that it may be difficult sometimes to start video recording slow motion slow motion at the right time, especially that it is recording only a few seconds, thanks to slow motion, and it is transformed to several seconds.

In other words, you should be keen to capture the video at the right moment which may be difficult to achieve, but Samsung has reached a solution to this, where automatically detected when it is the perfect start to meet freely slow.

How to capture slow motion video slow motion

Surely things would be more complicated without the automatic mode, the primary difficulty in capturing the scene at the right moment, in the situation where all spontaneity be almost impossible task unless you know exactly what will happen and when.

You can achieve good quality results if you are familiar with the scene and the time that you want to capture in slow motion, and you should make sure you’re not too far or too close to your subject, and the feasibility of obtaining good timing if the subject of your video is not visible, as you should be training several times so you can find out whether there is a gap between pressing the button and when to start shopping already.

It is also important that there be stability good, if your hand shaking you won’t look good video in any speed, and addresses some of the smart phones this problem, but you should make sure to install the device in your hand firmly to avoid vibration in the video.

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