How to set up the account on your Android smartphone and change Google ID

The use of smartphone running Android without a Google account, today almost impossible. However, a Google ID attached, and all associated services and sometimes it would be nice to change any settings at all or to rename your account. Not many people know that it is quite possible and today we’ll look at how to do it.

Unfortunately, to change the name of an existing ID is not possible, but there are several workarounds. You need to add a new account with administrator rights and then get rid of the old. To add multiple Google IDs on one device Android with different access rights is quite simple, what we have been told. You will be able to switch between accounts. You will also receive notifications for both accounts, although you can change this in the settings accounts.

An alternative method of adding Google accounts possible within Google apps. For example, in Google photos, you can select “Add account” and it will be available in all the services of the search giant, and your second ID Google ID will be displayed in all other related Google applications.

How to remove ID from Google Android

Configuring multiple Google accounts on one Android device, you can start deleting the unnecessary.
If you want to use the device with a new account from scratch, you’ll need to make a full wipe. Go to “Settings” then “System” — “Advanced” — “Settings reset” — “wipe all data”.

Now go delete the Google ID. Open the menu “Settings” and select “Account”. Tap the account you want to delete and select “Delete account”. You will be warned that deleting the account will delete all messages, contacts and other data associated with that account. Agree with this and hit “OK”. Now you can use your upgraded account.

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