How to set automatic deletion of files according to the schedule on the Mac

Automator is an incredibly powerful tool to automate actions in macOS. The possibilities of the utility are, in fact, is limited only by your imagination. And today we see it once again — creating a service that will automatically delete files on a schedule. All you need is just a little of your free time.

Automator is capable of much

A lot of work with files? It’s safe to say — on your Mac there are a large number of unnecessary and unnecessary data. To remove them, of course, no problem, but the situation is repeated every time. Much easier to entrust the cleaning of files Automator, which can handle much faster and more efficient.

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In this article we will walk through creating a script that will automatically delete old files in certain directories.

  • You must start the application “Automator” in any convenient way.
  • In the “document Type” select “Action folders”.
  • In the right part we see the option for “folder Action receives files and folders added to”. Add a folder where you will need to clean files on schedule.
  • Now we need to find process “to Find objects Finder”. For this we can use search.
  • Add the process in the right part of the application.
  • Here you specify the conditions of work. As a good example — cleaning of files with a last modified date more than a month ago.
  • Next, you need to find the option “Move objects Finder to Cart” again to add in the right part of the application. Maintain our service.

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Cooking is completed. Since then, the service will automatically clean specific folder of all the old files that already have more than a month.

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