How to send messages in Android smart phone directly from the computer

Not so long ago in the next OS update Android has a new feature, or rather the ability that gives users of OSes from Google to exchange messages with the owners of the computers. This possibility, which was from the owners of devices on macOS and iOS with iMessage app for a long time. However, the emergence of such a possibility can not but rejoice, although to use it is unlikely anyone will often.

In order to make the new feature work properly, you will have to work some magic, but it’s quite simple. And then you can send from your Android smartphone messages directly to the computer and from the computer through the browser back to the device.

In order to access your smartphone’s such an opportunity, first you need to download the app “Messages” from Google Play, if it is not installed. After the installation, grant the app all the permissions and accesses for correct operation in the future.

Once you have configured everything on the smartphone, it is the turn of computer. On a PC or laptop you only need to visit the site and follow the instructions in your browser window in order to associate the devices (computer and smartphone) together.

That’s all! That, I suppose, it was a piece of cake. Once all settings are verified, your browser will open a window bring a Message that will duplicate what you have on your smartphone. Now you can send messages from your computer that you want to use your smartphone, so the process of sending and receiving messages will look exactly the same as on your smartphone.

Did you know about this possibility in Android? If Yes, do you use it?

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