How to send a secret message via Gmail?

Continue with the buckle in the explanation of the Google updates on the web version of its service for e-mail Gmail, and this time get back to you on a property of sending messages to portable or self-destruct after you read it.

Property allows the dispatcher to control more in the letters, which is dominated by the character of secret or sensitive data, in the so-called status of secret or Confidential Mode. It is available in the web version, just the new Gmail, and is available in applications for mobile devices.

Speed mode allows the fan to put the secret code of the message to the addressee entered to read them, and stop the option pass by the others in any way of copy and paste and download or print a paper copy of them, as can the sender specify a certain time to delete the message automatically on both sides.

Use the property you need to activate an updated version of the Gmail Web first, and then follow the following:

The use of Smart Compose in Gmail that way.

1 – Click on Create message/Compose.

2 – click on the icon to Turn on confidential mode at the bottom, if there were attachments uploaded before you select speed mode, press on the attachment and select Edit.

3 – You will be shown the following box to determine the time and password, put the phone number of the consignee to receive you secret code if you choose to send it via the phone. And then press Save.

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