How to see which apps have access to microphone and camera of your iPhone

Despite the high level of protection that iOS provides to its users, not all of them treat their privacy with the same awe. It happens that we, not even noticing, allowing applications to follow us with a camera or built-in iPhone microphone. How to know what applications are even theoretically unable to do it — in the material

  • Open the Settings app and navigate to “Privacy”;

  • Then go to the tab “Microphone” and make sure that you trust all apps from the list. Otherwise, just disable their access to the microphone;

  • Returning to step back, open the tab “Camera“. Personally, I have a list of programs that have access to the camera was much wider. I wonder why the service to call a taxi needed to photograph something? Disabled.

Certainly, no one app from the app Store can not access the camera or microphone our iPhone without our knowledge. However, many of us self-distribute downloaded VIA the appropriate permissions. After receiving them, the program can independently activate the camera and microphone, without informing the user. One such situation, we talked about a year ago.

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