How to scan documents using the Notes app

Perhaps not all know that the built-in Notes app has a very useful opportunity to scan documents or any other information from paper media. Despite the fact that this feature appeared in iOS 11, still many users use third-party solutions for digitized data. Of course, a regular scanner has advanced options, but basic functionality will be enough for most users.

So, how to scan a document using Notes?
In fact, to start the scanning process very simple.

  • This requires running the Notes app on your iOS device.
  • Then you should open any record or create a new one.
  • Click on (+) on the toolbar, the shortcut menu, select the option “Scan documents”.
  • Direct the camera at the document and making sure that needed information is included in the frame do a picture.
  • After that, we will be asked to manually edit the boundaries of the document. It will also be possible to re-make the if the previous was unsuccessful. If we are satisfied, select “Write”.

  • In the future we will be able to edit the resulting scans on your own — flip, crop or apply special filter for the most accurate display of the document.
  • At the end, the resulting file will be saved in the device’s gallery.

If you use this option, you can add it directly in the “Control Point”. How to do it?

  • Launch Settings on your iOS device.
  • Go to the “control Point” — “to Configure ale. management.”
  • Add the item “Notes”.
  • Going to control, we will see a new icon. In order to get quick access to options, it is necessary to use 3D Touch or hold your finger (for older devices).

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