How to save YouTube videos directly in the Photos application iPhone

I’ve always been downloading YouTube videos for use offline to watch later on an exciting quest to the problems. Where the use of third-party applications custom for a long time in the App Store, and operate Transformers web-based heavily on the mobile, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some good options.

See below all the ways, past and present, so that you can save YouTube videos directly in the Photos application iPhone. Some of these ways going to download the videos directly to the album of your choice, there is one way in particular we recommend above all where it does not rely on tools or services of third parties to accomplish the task, instead, they only work to capture videos from the YouTube API.

  • Way 1 save videos directly from YouTube using the shortcut Shortcut

By far, the easiest solution and the most reliable which will last longer is to use the application shortcuts in the new operating system iOS 12 and later versions – or the application of Workflow in iOS 11 and above.

Using this tool, that allows you to complete tasks on your iPhone, you can create a shortcut / workflow workflow can search for the MP4 file and use it from the Web page Your Video YouTube. And Google this information using the YouTube API, which means that this method should work for a very long time.

It is also considered to be the biggest benefit of this method is that you do not rely on any shady brokers because this way you take the video directly from the source. In addition, you can also customize the album that will save the video in the photo other than albums “album of the camera” or “all photos” and “videos”.

  • The second way to save videos from within the application to YouTube

The company Google to remove third-party apps that allow to download YouTube videos from App Store iOS because they want users to watch on their system, basic, and not internal storage on their phones. It has become a campaign of repression is more abundant at all since I started Google in providing outstanding service to YouTube which allows you to watch videos offline on your iPhone.

For this reason, we suggest you just get a bullet and a commitment to serve YouTube Rebel, which combine YouTube Red, YouTube Music. But the only problem here is that there is a save videos in the YouTube app, not the Photos app.

And if you haven’t participated before in the YouTube Premium, you can get free demo version for 30 days. After the trial period, it will cost you 11.99 USD per month as a monthly subscription. It’s not a service the cheapest, but their work is important. If you don’t mind doing a few each month, you can use a different Google account every month to continue to get free trials for 30 days.

Won’t save YouTube Premium videos to apps your photos, as mentioned before. To maintain your investment in YouTube, it will embed all the videos that have been downloaded for use offline in the YouTube app, so you will have to watch her through it.

But our experience, open YouTube and be sure to log in to your account, then click on the icon of your profile to show the sidebar menu. From there, click on the “get YouTube Premium”.And on the next page, click on the “try it free Try It Free ” to start the demo version, then the interests of “purchase purchase “.


After that, look for the video on YouTube you want to watch offline, and then click on the button “Download Download ” below. And the quality of the download, and then click on “OK”, then wait until the end of the download it. And then it will move the button “Download Download ” “Download is Downloading ” to “downloaded Downloaded “.

From there, you can click on “downloaded Downloaded ” to go directly to the tab “Library Library ” in YouTube or go out of the video and click on the tab “Library Library ” itself. In this page, you will see the downloaded video clips within the section available offline. Just click on the “Downloads Downloads ” to see it all. Will these videos on the iPhone you have as long as you’re a member of YouTube Premium and connect YouTube to the internet at least once every 30 days.

Will Store downloads in the YouTube app itself, you can check the space used by YouTube on your iPhone by going to Settings app. From there, click on “general”, then “iPhone Storage”. When loading the app list, you’ll see how much space is taken by YouTube. Will you click on it the amount of space occupied by videos offline at a point in the “documents & data Documents & Data “.

And now, after the experience of YouTube’s Premium, if you don’t want to collect fees after the expiration of the trial period, you can cancel the subscription and cancel the trial period, which will allow you to use YouTube Premium until the end of the trial period.

And if you click on the icon of your profile in YouTube, you’ll see the option “paid membership Paid memberships “. Click it, then scroll down the next page and select “manage subscriptions Apple”. This will take you directly to the options for your subscription on YouTube, in iTunes, and if you want to subscribe you can click on the “cancel trade Cancel Trial “.

Although this is not the option that I was hoping for when I opened this article, only that it is the most stable since it is a paid service directly from Google. If you don’t want to pay, try the trial version of multiple accounts on Google.

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  • The second way to save videos from within the + Google

Can people who don’t like the idea of gesture shortcuts or pay for the service Google download an unofficial application such as YouTube to an iPhone, allowing them the possibility to download videos to an album “album of the Camera Camera Roll ” or “all photos All Photos ” in the Photos app. However, you can never fully trust apps like these as they give guidance to the App Store that help protect you from spam messages and threats are harmful.

  • The fourth way to save video clips from a third-party app

Due to limitations set by Google, the different applications in the Apps store of iOS, such as Video Downloader and Free Video Downloader and Video Downloader and Browser, it doesn’t work when you try to save YouTube videos, and if I managed to find one of them working, install them immediately because they are very limited. However, we only recommend the transition to the first method above because it’s easier.

How to save YouTube videos directly in the Photos application iPhone

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