How to save the top toolbar of the browser .. down to facilitate access to on your phone android

كيف تنقل شريط الادوات العلوي للمتصفح .. الى الاسفل لتسهيل الوصول اليه على هاتفك الاندرويد

We all know the great development in the manufacture of mobile phones sizes screen that vary between telephone and, most of us prefer big screens offered something of comfort in dealing with applications and when surfing the internet, but live those screens we may have often to use two hands to reach the buttons, where she can’t fingers of one hand of the control what is displayed on the screen the game while is the same hand that is holding the phone.

Internet browser the most popular Google Chrome would like the rest of the app where it displays the controls in the upper, we find the settings of the browser and the button of main page and button tabs open, all in the top bar of the browser which is difficult to deal with on the phones that feature a screen of its big.

What we’re offering here is a way to split this tape is reproduced to the bottom of the browser which is the closest area to the fingers of the hand of the user to navigate between tabs open and access to Settings and other options.

How to save the top toolbar of the browser

Options browser Google Chrome don’t allow us to locally available control of the top bar or change the subject, but our friends with the secondary of browser browser Chrome Canary or version developers Chrome Dev find it easy on the users, which needs you to download one of these browsers to implement this method.

Download browser Chrome Dev
Chrome Dev

Download browser Chrome Canary
Chrome Canary

Working on running the new browser, including the write up the following in the address bar top:

Of the Top Search box, search for duplex will provide you with his default Defualt. Working on change to Enabled to activate the process.
Will require it to restart the browser, do it , and then close it again and run it.

You will find that a new partner has occupied the lower region of the browser to know what the top bar.

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