How to save files from phone to computer

One of the most common things needed by the people is to transfer files from their mobile devices or tablet devices to desktop computers of their own. Sometimes these image files, sometimes a song, often other things, any kind of documents or presentations or any other file needs to be transferred. There are actually quite a few ways to transfer files from Android to PC (or vice versa) we get a look at them here.

AirDroid is one of the most popular applications to transfer files from Android to PC. Also can do through him other things too. Features include sending and receiving SMS / MMS from your computer, and your device’s notifications, and much more. It can also find a lost phone and control the camera and use the app. You’ll also be able to transfer files to your pc from your phone. You will get the basic stuff for free. You will also have to subscribe to get all the other features. It’s application is not perfect, but it works well.

Cloud Storage is an excellent way to transfer files from Android to PC or vice versa. Since there are a variety of services to choose from, including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive and and others. Vickers transfer files through them is easy enough. Just download the file to the cloud storage on one device. And then downloaded on another device. It also contains most of the cloud storage applications to custom applications. This makes the process easier.

Feem is a simple application that does one thing. It purifies the things from devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This includes mobile phones or tablet devices or computers or laptops or anything else. Through to every device simply download the application to Feem, and then administering it. Through it, you can transfer everything you want to and from these devices. Also don’t need Wi-Fi to connect to the internet actual. Local police are all you really need. It’s the application of simple, effective and cheap, the design and material it look nice. It is worth mentioning that ShareIt is another application of the same method which works well.

Pushbullet is one of the best apps to transfer files from PC to Android and vice versa. It can also do a bunch of other things as well. This includes the ability to send and receive SMS / MMS, and share the clipboard between devices, and notifications, and of course, transfer files. It’s not as complex as some other services. It also gives you the free version is enough to send the text of my offer or the transfer of small files. The Pro version doesn’t lose you with all possible. It is priced at $ 4.99 a month.

Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) is an application quite similar to cloud storage. However, the server cloud storage is a desktop computer or your laptop. Also you can sync as much data as you want, and transfer files back and forth at Will, and much more. And it must support Mac, Linux, and Windows as well. It’s certainly among the safest options. It will turn both your phone and your pc with each other. Also, the app is completely free and without ads nor in-app purchases. But it takes some time for its preparation.

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