How to run Windows 95 on a computer macOS your

For many of the mere looking at the picture of Windows 95 was enough to make us feel nostalgic for the past, let alone the experience of the system effectively.

If you are using computer macOS recent, it can run Windows 95 through the application is available for download on devices macOS and Linux and the latest Windows devices.

The developer, Felix Rieseberg, and create an environment for Windows 95 in a standalone application can be run on the operating systems listed.

Windows 95 on Your Mac

All the old applications that we know – from MS Paint to the Kansas mines – are available in this app. Unfortunately, although Internet Explorer browser exists in the app but it doesn’t work.

Amazingly, the size of the app not only takes about 200 MB of RAM with all the apps and games inside it.

You can download the app through Github, and its size to 129 MB, which is fairly easy to use, depending on the operating system you are using.

Once you download the app and install it, you just need to run it system will allow Windows 95 in a new window. Will not be possible for the app to access any of the files on your device actual, but you can try the apps that we mentioned earlier.

It should be noted that this is not the application recognized by Microsoft. As such, you download it and run it on your own risk.

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