How to run apps from Google Play Pass on Android TV?

Google Play Pass — the new subscription service from Google, which for a small monthly fee of $ 5.99 allows you to play games and use the apps without ads and other delights inherent in shareware applications. Despite several major differences, the main competitor is considered Google Play Pass the Apple, Arcade, launched less than a month ago. Service from Apple multimedia Apple TV, so the toys are on subscription you can play right on your TV using a game controller. What about Google? Their service also offers games that can be played on your TV with Android TV. How to do it? Let’s deal!

“Ticket” Google Play Pass

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How to become a subscriber to Google Play Pass?

App and game service

Now the service is only available in the US, but we know how to make so that all worked. We even recently wrote a separate material. In short, you just need to go to Play Store and there to change your region to the desired one. In this case, it is best for US. Then choose the payment method and re-set up family access if it was. If there is still set up. Then just wait a day before you start to use them.

How to activate Google Play on Android TV a Pass?

Applications menu

In short, it does. First you need to take into account that while Play Pass generally doesn’t officially support Android TV. But that’s okay, because the subscription to our account is already activated using your smartphone or tablet, so on your TV you just need to log into your account.

How to run games from the Google Play Pass on Android TV?

Play will be something like that.

We emphasize that, formally, Android TV, the new service is not yet support, so, strictly speaking, no. But Google Play Pass is essentially a common set of applications, grouped under a new shell. But do some apps for the most part old! So if the app supported Android TV before, before it was included in the subscription, it will continue to work. That’s just the lack of shell Pass Google Play on Android TV means that you will not be able to use search games and applications available to you through the service, and through Google Play for Android TV you never know that a specific app is part of Google Play Pass.

To download the game from the service, you can just use search in Gogle Play on Android TV. If your subscription is already active, then, for example, KOTOR, usually sold for $ 9.99 will appear as free on the screen of your Android TV. Download it and enjoy!

There is another way: you can download the game using third-party devices via the browser, also using our list, and then choose the Google Play option “the application is compatible with your other devices”, which is just above the “install” button with the price. In the popup list, just select your Android TV, then the app will be installed directly into the TV.

The current list of games and applications with links



Popular app with up to date information about the weather. The app is famous for accuracy of forecasting and is also used for warning of storms and other severe weather conditions. Works in real time.

Download AccuWeather

Annelids: Online battle

Network clone of the famous Worms. Looks poorer than the original, but is played atlichno!

Download Annelids: Online battle

Bridge Constructor Portal

A unique hybrid of the classic games Portal and Bridge Constructor. It is both a simulator and a puzzle, which have a good break down.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal

Chameleon Run

Isometric runner-platformer with a minimalistic design and trendy graphics. The expected TV looks worse than on a smartphone or tablet, but play can still. After all, the gameplay here is exceptionally good! Take care of your nerves, they still need.

Download Chameleon Run


Isometric role-playing adventure game with a pleasant design and addictive puzzles. Will appeal to both novices and gamers with the experience, as it allows you to feel the history of video games, with my own eyes seeing their evolution. Many references to the classics and excellent games the humor is a welcome addition to the diverse gameplay, elegant design and sound.

Download Evoland

Jungle Adventures

Another platformer in the style of Super Mario Bros. Offers simple mechanics of the game contains over 80 levels and is suitable for any age.

Download Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventures 2

The sequel to the popular clone of Mario Bros. New levels, smart graphics, nice picture, but overall nothing new.

Download Jungle Adventures 2


Shooter with realistic physics, devoted to throwing light spears and battles with ultracrete characters. Useless to explain, it is better to try once. Or at least watch the trailer.

Download Lichtspeer

Marvel Pinball

Pinball with different tables, in the style of the popular decorations of the Avengers. The characters themselves are, of course, also present.

Download Marvel Pinball

myTuner Radio App: FM Radio + Internet Radio Tuner

Fashion radio with a bunch of settings and presets. Supports more than 50 thousand resistance from 200 countries.

Download myTuner Radio App: FM Radio + Internet Radio Tuner


The sequel to Samurai: Way of the Warrior, the former iOS exclusive. Dynamic Hack ‘ n Slash with improved in comparison with the original gameplay. Now it has become more dynamic, and the management has become easier and easier. Spectacular fights have not gone away. Everything’s the same.


Space Marshals

The main character is a space Marshal Burton, who tracks down the bandits who escaped from prison. Fashion shooter with a view from above and stealth, alternating with furious firefights.

Download Space Marshals

Star Wars: KOTOR

A classic in the mobile version. One of the best video game in the Star Wars universe. Comments izlishni.

Download Star Wars: KOTOR

Suzy Cube

Another clone of Super Mario. At this time, three-dimensional. Very napomniaet Super Mario 3D Land and World like level design and mechanics. Played almost the same. Well it turned out!

Download Suzy Cube

Thimbleweed Park

Search for items with a detective story and five different characters.

Download Thimbleweed Park

The Bug Butcher

2D askren, the story takes place on another planet in a secret research Institute.
Unfortunately, the game is not suitable for devices whose RAM is less than 2GB.

Download The Bug Butcher

Wayward Souls

Action-adventure game, made in retro style. Dark dungeons, traps and monsters will make the player company in liiiie 20 hours.

Download Wayward Souls

How to connect a game controller to the TV?

Something like this looks

First you need to make sure is compatible with your controller model TV. This is usually specified in the documentation of the controller. The most common models of gamepads from Xbox One and PS3 PS4. They can be connected via cable or try to connect with a TV using the Bluetooth receiver. In some cases you may want the companion app, ensuring correct operation. For example, the controller from the PS3 it’s called SixaxisPairToolSetup. Controllers on modern consoles should work out of the box.

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