How to Root Root phone Galaxy A50

No doubt this new phone from Samsung is spreading this period, between wanting to get on the phone specification is relatively high, and the price moderate. Where the phone A50 is the phone that will receive this treatment, despite the intentions of the Samsung issue phones the top of the same class A60 and A70 through the next period.

What here in this article is the reference to a way to break the protection system to those who are concerned about this, as we know, each phone way and methods different in Root Root to represent you with the user the powers in the amendment, strike craft, these powers are not available in the normal and default.

As long as you’re here reading this detail about Root the phone A50, then you know the end of the root that we don’t want justified to be the benefits or warning of the dangers of it, let’s do this to step the most important way to allografts in the activation root on this phone A50.

Breaking the protection on the boot loader Bootloader

  • To install the ride on whatever the source of his TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery and can install famous app SuperSU have the beginning of breaking the protection on the boot loader Bootloader.
    And to do that we have to do the following steps:
  • Working on charging the phone until the fullness of the 100% or 75% weaker faith.
  • Make sure you do so with the phone A50 and not the last.
  • Since the phone is new, you have to activate the option Developer Options go to settings Settings including to About Phone and clicking on the option Build Number several times to activate the option for developers to Developer Options.
  • Return back one step where the settings and scroll to the new option that has been activated just done Developer Options, and look down to the festive OEM Unlock and enable work Enable.

  • You now and through the settings of the phone log out of your account on the Samsung that you have already created an account and put login your Samsung Account.

You Now app download CROM SERVICE is breaking the protection of the boot loader. The app is available and publications on the website of the APKMORROR famous.

Select it, go to the following link:


After installing the app CROM and run it , drag the slides to begin his work in breaking the protection, and wait some time until it finishes.

Here, after the completion of this task, now you can move on to install the ride on TWRP Recovery through its official site download the latest versions and install them on your phone via app ODIN and then through the preparation of rice Install Install famous app SuperSU. Becoming the full powers of the root between your hands.

To determine the latest version of ride TWRP Recovery.


To download the application SuperSU


To undo root anytime later

To cancel the rotavirus at any time you find the need for it, you’ll find the option for it through the Settings app SuperSU as in the following picture.

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