How to return the money for the app in Google Play. Working way

Few know, but in Russia is very loyal to the law on protection of consumer rights. It involves the ability to return any item within two weeks, even if it is the app, e-book or musical composition. Google is subject to this rule and provides its Russian users the opportunity to cancel in Google Play transaction with a guarantee of a full refund. The key is to know how to do it.

Since the release of our previous article on this subject a lot has changed. First, changed the terms of repayment. If before the return is carried out instantly if to abandon the purchase in the first 15 minutes, and at the discretion of the developer, if you do it within 48 hours, now to do the same within two days and two weeks, respectively. Second, adding an additional way to request a refund. Discuss in detail on each of them.

To request a refund for the app

The first method involves manual refund request within the first 48 hours after purchase.

  • To request a refund, go to purchases on Google Play;
  • Go to the tab “order History”;
  • Locate the purchased app and in front of it, press the context menu (three vertical dots);
  • Click “Report a problem” and confirm the request for a refund.

How to return the money for the application after 48 hours

If after purchasing the app it took more than two days, you can still apply for a refund. However, in this case, you will have to contact the developer directly, since your money has already been sent to him.

  • To do this, launch the Google Play;
  • Look in the directory bought the app and go to its page;
  • Scroll down to the section “contact developer”;
  • Find the contact details of the developer and tell him about the problem, mentioning the name of the application and their wishes – in this case a refund.

According to the Google developer shall respond to you within three working days. As a rule, most of them are going to meet users and agree to return the funds.

How to return the money for the app via Google Play

The third way to request a refund implies the possibility to do this using a Google Asisstant. This requires that on in the settings assistant was English language. Of course, the request also should sound in English. Don’t worry, Google Assistant not care about your accent – he understands virtually any dialect.

  • To request a refund, ask your assistant to cancel the order in Google Play;
  • Following the instructions of the assistant, select your Google account and purchased the app you want to return;
  • Name the reason you want to return the application and wait for confirmation.

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