How to restrict access to web pages on iOS

Many people know about the built-in iOS function “Limitations.” This tool allows you to configure access to the different options, which is especially useful if your device uses a few people. Today we’ll show you how with simple settings you can block access to certain web pages.

So, what do you need?

  • First, launch “Settings” on our iOS device.
  • Go to the “General” -> “Restrictions”.

  • You will need to set a passcode, or to enter our password restrictions, if one exists.
  • After this, activate the option by selecting “Enable restrictions”.
  • Next, find the section “Web sites” and go into it.

The choice will be presented three options for a possible lock:

  • All web sites” — in this case, no limitation.

  • “Limit adult content” and iOS will automatically block adult sites. It should be understood that the filter is configured primarily on Western resources. If desired, you can configure the “white” or “black” list of web pages.

  • “Only these websites” — will be put a ban on all resources except those that you specify in the white list.

Now, when you try to go on the forbidden website will display a warning that the access to the web page is restricted. This prohibition applies not only to Safari but also on any other third-party browsers.

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