How to restore your songs and playlists missing on the Apple Music

To be able to listen to music on your iPhone or iPad is a wonderful thing and comfortable. In the time that you can add as many songs to your library and access them across your devices different, it is regrettable to find that the songs have disappeared suddenly for a particular reason, or when you buy a new device.

Well there is a simple solution to this problem, and restore your songs and playlists back to Apple Music,

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To restore your songs just follow these simple steps:

1) open the Settings App Settings.

2) Select Music Music.

3) enable iCloud Music Library by moving the slider to green.

استعادة أغانيك وقوائم التشغيل المفقودة على Apple Music

Now, back to the music app and from your library. Must be all the playlists, albums, and songs exist.

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