How to restore Apple phone after lost or stolen

Is lost or stolen phone to your Apple TV is one of the worst feelings that can be experienced, but don’t worry the use of the service Find My iPhone from Apple is the key to secure and retrieve your lost phone and to make sure take advantage of that service activated, let’s make sure we setup a passcode and enable the feature Find My iPhone to make sure that you have the best chance to recover your phone in case it is lost or stolen and to do this you should follow some important steps.

Set passcode

Find My iPhone خدمة آبل التي تساعدك على استعادة جهازكFind My iPhone service of Apple which will help you to restore your device

Some people use the Face ID or Touch ID as a step not necessary when using iPhone, these people are wrong, is to set a passcode and use your face or your fingerprint to protect all information on your phone is a vital part in maintaining the security of your personal information, just think of all the information on your phone banking apps, and talks special, and the location of your house and office, contacts, emails, photos … the list goes on, make this step very essential.

Secure your device by opening Settings> Face ID (or Touch Touch) and password and follow the instructions, the longer the scan your finger or left Face ID serve as a minor inconvenience. But after a few days, will become the extra step part of your routine and you will notice it, be sure to enable Find My iPhoneبعد setting the passcode, check the operation of Find My iPhone.

It should be enabled by default, and you need to get out to adjust it, but it is always better to check it now well, on your iPhone, open the Settings app and click on your name at the top of the screen, then select iCloud and then scroll down and look for Find My iPhone, tap it, if you turn all the keys on the operating mode, you will be completely ready, if not, turn on the options and application settings.

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Steps to restore your phone after lost

Find My iPhone خدمة آبل التي تساعدك على استعادة جهازكFind My iPhone service of Apple which will help you to restore your device

Each iOS device solo on the Find My iPhone built-in System Settings, administered by the account of your iCloud, once you realize you lost your phone, the first thing you should do is visit on your computer, if you are not near a computer, you have two options to access Find My iPhone, either use the iOS device to a friend or family member and sign in to the app Find My iPhone or if you have set up Family Sharing, the Can one of your family members view your missing device in the application Find My iPhone on your iOS device their own.

In the case of access to Find My iPhone via the website or on another device, it is important that you log in to the same iCloud account associated with iPhone the missing. After logging in, select your phone from the devices list to view its current location, if the device has been turned off, it will display the last known location, when you view the location of the device, select “actions” at the bottom of the screen followed by “The Lost Mode”.

You will be prompted to enter a phone number and a message will be displayed on the lock screen for anyone who has your device to return it to you, if you don’t set a passcode on the phone was placed in Lost Mode, you are prompted to create one when you enable Lost Mode when a workout says Lost Mode shut down the device and prevent the appearance of notifications and messages in the lock screen, and continue to track the phone’s location.

Will the phone always ring for incoming calls, and FaceTime that will help you to track the phone if it’s soon, or maybe be lucky will be the person who owns the phone on the phone to help you bring it back to you.Will disable any credit cards your opponent added to Apple Pay, along with ID and student cards, transit stored in the application Wallet, even exclude the possibility of access to the phone and log in to the account iCloud your.

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Once you provide your card, Apple will disable it also in these conditions, if the phone is switched off and enable status is Lost, you will receive an alert when you restart the phone, complete with its current location – assuming it contains some kind of data connection, when you recover your phone you will need to enter the passcode that you created when you enable Lost Mode, then sign in to iCloud account to your.

If you are able to keep track of your phone into a house or an apartment building, not facing the potential thief on your own, call the police and seek their help is the perfect solution so it is sure that you want to restore your phone, but in the face of possibly being harmed is not ideal, call the local police and accused them of dealing.

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