How to reset the smartphone to factory settings

How carefully would we not treat our smartphone, sooner or later, the memory of the device “clogged,” and memory becomes loaded with the “left” processes the remainder from unwanted or incorrectly uninstalled programs that negatively affect the operation of our device. In this and other cases will help the reset to factory settings (Factory Resret). But it must be done correctly. Now we will tell you what you should pay attention to when you roll back the state of your gadget.

A factory reset completely “reset” your device, including installed programs and other media files, so you should prepare, before you press the treasured button.

Take care of your Googleaccount

The only way to restore the previous settings of the phone like Wallpapers, ringtones, and so on — is to use a Google account. As strange as it may sound, but remember your username and password. To do this go to menu “Settings” tap the account and look at there user name. Immediately you will be required to enter a password. If you don’t remember — restore. Fortunately, the restore button is located in the same section.

Just keep in mind: if you restored a forgotten password, just in case you should wait 24 hours before you reset the device, since Google can’t just “remember” your new data.

Take care of your data

Because a factory reset will restore your phone to its original state after purchase, you will need to create a backup copy of everything that you need. Select all relevant files, including photos, videos and documents, and transfer them to your Google Drive or equivalent cloud service you use. You can even use an external storage device, for example, by connecting a USB flash drive or connecting your smartphone with your desktop PC.

Don’t forget to charge your smartphone

Resetting may take some time, so make sure your phone has over 50% battery charge, before starting a factory reset. Low battery can cause the phone to shut down at the most inopportune moment that cherevato problems up to complete failure of the gadget. It is also recommended to connect the smartphone to a power source.

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