How to replace display on iPhone X

It is no secret that the broken screen is the most common failure faced by iPhone owners (as well encounter themselves dropping phones). Nevertheless, the question is very common. So today we will tell and show you how a replacement iPhone display X in the service center and colleagues from ModMac will help us in this.

The process itself is quite simple, but there are some important nuances that are important in the process of parsing the device.

In the first place when repairing iPhone X master pries the two lower bolt. Use the Pentalobe screwdriver.

After that the phone display is heated with a special Hairdryer to factory sizing did not prevent removal of the module. At this stage it is also important not to damage internal components! In the process of warming up is not necessary to statically hold the hair dryer over the display surface at a high temperature.

In the third step, as a surgeon, goes to the autopsy. For this purpose, the knife-olfen and a plastic mediator. In order not to damage the ribbon cable of the display, the phone is definitely open up left to right.

After opening the phone, you need to remove the protective panel which is held together by five bolts. This would require a three-prong screwdriver (Tri-Point). At this stage it is important not to confuse the bolts, as two of the five bolt are different lengths.

Once the protective panel is removed, it is first necessary to detach the battery from the motherboard to avoid unexpected short circuits.

Then the specialist disconnects the connectors of the display and the voice loop dynamics from the motherboard. Here you need to be extremely careful! If damage to the upper plume dynamics, and then replace it with new, you will not be guaranteed to work Face ID. Facial recognition only works with the originally established train.

One of the most important nuances when replacement iPhone screen X — is the lack of True Tone on the new display. And the problem here is not in the new module, and that each display as if “tied” to a particular phone. Even if you take the two original iPhone X and change there screen feature is True Tone still won’t work.

In order to make it work, you need a special programmer which reads the information from one display and transmits it to the other monitor.

After all of the above specialist moves the speaker from the old display to the new, connects all the loops and carefully closes the case, saukrates at the end of the two lower bolt. Also recommended before closing to apply to the case of a special sizing in order to display the most tightly pressed to the body.

Of course, to independently perform such work without special equipment it is difficult — in the best case the display does not fit snugly to the body, and on the screen appear yellow spots; in the worst — will fail those or other components, including Face ID. Therefore repair is advised to consult the professionals in the service center ModMac, for example, a 10% discount on all types of repairs for readers


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