How to remove music player in lock screen on iPhone

This topic How to remove music player in lock screen on iPhone showed up on the world of Apple.

If you suffer from the problem of the music player in the lock screen of the iPhone, here’s a bunch of solutions to remove this problem from the lock screen.

Remove the music player in lock screen on iPhone

Start this the proposed solutions, if successful with you, one that’s great, if not succeed go to the next stage and experience of the proposed solutions.

The first solution: close the music app

Could be the reason behind this problem is the music app that you used recently on your iOS device. Whether the application of music to the Apple TV, or Spotify, all you have to do is simply double click on the Home button to get to screen to open apps, from here you close the music app by dragging it to the top.

On iPhone X, you need to drag from the bottom of the screen and a bit so you show the interface to switch between open apps, from there click on the button missing red over the app you want to close it.

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If you listen to the music player is stuck in the lock screen and the problem is fixed, Skip to the next solution.

Second solution: restart the iPhone

Try restart your phone, by press and hold button the lock/wake up from and then close the power button. On the iPhone X or iPhone 8 or 8 Plus then you need to press and hold the side button with the button lowering or raising the voice, and then shut the power button.

After you restart the device, you could choose the problem, but if you listen and work with you the third case Skip to the next episode.

The second solution: delete the application of music equal in appearance music player

Now it’s time to delete the music app causing the problem and re-install it again. You can delete not only the music app of the third party, but also the music app Apple. Simply all you need is to press continuously on the application until the applications start vibrating, and press the “X” button. Then click on the Delete the app from the pop-up message to confirm. After that, click on the Home button to exit the adjustment mode.

إزالة مُشغل الموسيقى العالق في شاشة القفل على iPhone

On iPhone X, you need to click on the Done button in the top right corner to stop the app from vibration.

Fourth solution: the problem can be from the Bluetooth Bluetooth

May be the speaker that works through Bluetooth behind the problem. Sometimes when you go away from the speaker connected to your phone have this is the reason. What you have here is to cancel the pairing and separation of devices from each through the settings of each of them.

Step 1: Open the settings app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Tap the Bluetooth Bluetooth

Step 3: Now, you need to click on the “i” button next to the speaker connected to the phone

Step 4: After that, click on Forget This Device, and confirmed it.

If the speakerphone is stereo your car, open the settings, and cancel the pairing with your phone, then restart it.

If the music player is stuck in the lock screen, you should disconnect your phone and all Bluetooth accessories.

Solution five: restore your device from iTunes on your computer

Maybe you won’t have to take this drastic step in most cases. But if none of the solutions mentioned at the top, go to restore your iPhone by option Restore iPhone in iTunes. But don’t forget to make backup for your iPhone before beginning this process.

إزالة مُشغل الموسيقى العالق في شاشة القفل على iPhone

This topic How to remove music player in lock screen on iPhone showed up on the world of Apple.

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