How to remove duplicate images from iPhone

This topic How to remove duplicate images from iPhone back to the world of Apple.

When you try to clean the phone from the photos of the refined and good, the best way is to resort to solutions to external applications in the removal of these images quickly and easily, instead of going to the photo library and from photos all at once. When you do this, you’ll have removed clutter and provided storage space on the phone.

In 2018, the company MacPaw application Gemini Photos free for iOS, which uses a machine learning algorithm smart to help you remove duplicate photos on an iPhone, as well as images of anarchism, including screen shots, photos, transcripts, stills unclear.

This app includes purchases inside $ 1.99 per month or 11.99 $ per year, and for $ 14.99 you can get all the features. How can new users try all features for free for three days.

When you start the app for the first time, will examine the photo library on your phone, and when complete, you will see two folders for images: Similar (for duplicate), وClutter (for chaotic).

Remove duplicate images from iPhone

Within the duplicate images you will see pictures arranged by date with newest items at the top of the screen, where the images will appear stacked on top of each other, symbolized by a lightning. In the example below, there are four similar pictures:

إزالة الصور المُكرّرة من هاتف iPhone

  1. When you click on the group of similar images, you will see the best result of health, which proposed the app in the series to celebrate it. Scroll from right to left to see the other photo in the series, which was to identify all of them.
  2. Click on Delete to remove the selected audio. You will see a confirmation message pop up indicating that it will delete the selected photos across your devices, assuming you’re using the iCloud photo.
  3. If you find a photo you don’t want to delete them, just deselect them.
  4. If you see a group of pictures you want to remove and do not want to appear in the list of Removal in the future, click on the eye icon in the page. From now on, I won’t show these pictures in the application Gemini. Instead, you’ll find it in the list Ignore List the bottom of the Application screen.
  5. Refer to the page similar in the app and find another photo to delete it.

إزالة الصور المُكرّرة من هاتف iPhone

This topic How to remove duplicate images from iPhone back to the world of Apple.

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