How to remotely download games to your Xbox One with your smartphone

Microsoft introduced a mobile app Xbox Game Pass for smartphones running Android. The new product allows owners of Xbox One to buy games using your account and initiate the download regardless of deleting from the console itself.

As Xbox Game Pass is intended to perform the role solely of the application of a companion, he is not able to circumvent the restrictions of the platform and to run console titles on your Android smartphone. But it allows to save time in their the download, for example, until you get home.

Why you need a Xbox Game Pass

In addition, Xbox Game Pass allows you to view the list of games that has been purchased earlier, to issue and to cancel the subscription to the gaming service Microsoft, as well as to subscribe to notifications about upcoming titles. So you are guaranteed not to miss the long-awaited release.

For those wishing to try out the top games on your smartphone or tablet there is an app Link Steam from Valve. It allows titles to run on remote servers and broadcast their images on a smartphone with the ability in real time to control the actions of the character.

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App: Xbox Game Pass

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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