How to reduce vibration on a Pixel 2 to make your notifications more quiet

I took the haptic feedback and vibration for smart phones has come a long way in recent years so that we can adjust it well. These features are now much higher than it was in the past, but most users are still not able to adjust the intensity of the notifications or incoming phone calls to them. Most high-end devices now work to reduce noise on the desktop than in the past.

It is worth noting that this depends on the quality of the vibration system of the user, but when talking about haptic feedback haptic feedback can be that each device is different from the other in it. For example, we may wish sometimes to let us know some of the notifications through the sound of light simple and stems from our phone instead of a notice can shake the entire phone.

The reduction of the intensity of the vibration in your phone will be quite useful if you receive many notifications each day. Also, I don’t have to system vibration due to a lot of energy to your phone, so it can save a lot of battery at the end of the day. It will become the guide below how we can achieve it. the Pixel 2 in a few simple steps at the level of the entire system.

  • The requirements of the implementation of that:

  1. Pixel 2 or 2 XL
  2. Unlock bootloader
  3. Root access
  4. Recovery custom via TWRP
  5. The application of EX Kernel ManageR
  • Step 1 Download the ElementalX Kernel on your phone:

To get the required settings to adjust the vibration feedback of your device, you need to the kernel have the option built-in. Therefore, the ElementalX kernel is one of the best nuclear kernels of the most popular in this area which you can get now devices Pixel. Just check out the download page of the main device’s Pixel 2 and select Android Pie 9 or Android Oreo 8.1.0.

If you are not aware of the version of the operating system used by your device now, click on “system”, then “About phone About phone”, and from that point, check out the section “Android version”. You will be able to determine the version of the operating system that you are using so you can download the correct file for the kernel. But you should always make sure to download the correct version of the nucleus kernel and update it.

  • Step 2 put the file in TWRP

If you have downloaded the file on your computer, move it to a folder “Download ” to storage internal to your phone. Otherwise, the file must be in a download default that has been set by the web browser on your phone. Now that was download the kernel file right on the internal storage on your phone, you can restart it in the recovery environment is TWRP.

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From the main menu in TWRP, click “Install Install ” then move to folder “Download “. And locate the file that you downloaded for and click it, then click on ” Swipe to confirm Flash.”And will guide you the installation program on the screen through the few steps necessary to install the kernel on your device.

  • Step 3 install EX Kernel Manager

You must have got the kernel installed on your device successfully at this stage and are ready for use. For this guide, we look forward to make adjustments to the comments of the vibration from the notifications and phone calls through your operating system. To do this, you will need to install the application EX Kernel Manager official by flar2 from the Google Play Store. Offers you this app access to all settings and the settings of the nuclear custom official EX Kernel Manager app which can be changed to taste.

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  • Step 4-grant permissions Permissions

Before you can start using the application, you must grant permissions to user root user permissions for access to your system. Through your open heart EX Kernel for the first time EX Kernel Manager, and must be prompted to notify the user distinct from the Magisk. And why Press the “GRANT” in the pop-up window to grant the appropriate permissions, which will give you full access to all settings of the kernel from there!


  • Step 5 adjust the density


From the main control panel in the application of the EX Kernel Manager, click the list of hamburgers on the left hamburger menu, then scroll to “miscellaneous Miscellaneous “. And scroll down if you research for the preparation of the “vibration Vibration ” which contains a slide for adjustments. By default, it is set the intensity of vibration on 100%, but you can set it always to 0%, which leads to turn them off completely. This is the place where you can make any modification it deems necessary, but the starting point of good promise by reducing the value by increments of 25%.

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Once you find the value that makes you feel comfortable when you use it, make sure to click the button “apply at boot Apply on boot ” for the vibration (symbol of energy).

How to reduce vibration on a Pixel 2 to make your notifications more quiet

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