How to record video call in WhatsApp on Android

Popular messenger WhatsApp has become almost the de facto standard for smartphone users. Moreover, many smartphone owners even almost completely go to WhatsApp and reject the traditional calls and SMS messages. After all, it can be done in the messenger. And there is no problem to make video calls. But what if you needed to record such a video? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. And now we will tell you how to do it.

To record video call in WhatsApp? There is nothing easier!

How to record video call in WhatsApp messenger?

To record a video call on WhatsApp Android you, as if it didn’t seem strange, only one of the WhatsApp application will not be enough. You will need to download a third party program. Although some gadgets have built-in utility for screen recording (particularly for smartphones Huawei). But for the most part this option on a smartphone, what is called “out of the box” is missing. So you come to the aid of the program Mnml Screen Recorder that you can download from the store Google Play completely free at this link. Speaking of which, we regularly review the most interesting and useful apps for your gadgets. So subscribe to our channel in the Telegramso as not to miss anything important.

After you install the program, all further actions are fairly simple. We need to correctly configure the program. To do this, open the app and in the top right corner go to settings Mnml Screen Recorder. Next you need to proceed to the item “recording Settings”. Here we are interested in a few things.

The app interface is pretty simple and straightforward

First- this is a recording. If suddenly disabled, then your dialogue will not be recorded. More precisely, only the video stream will be recorded. But this is not what we need. Also here you can watch where to save your videos and learn on that before you start recording you have 3 seconds before you start saving.

Then everything is even simpler than before: start recording by pressing the appropriate button. You can see a warning message indicating that the app will record everything that is displayed on the screen. Confirm your action and the recording will start. Now choose WhatsApp and call to the subscriber, the conversation which you wish to record. At the same time to begin recording is possible and in that case, if you called. However to do this you have to remove messenger and open Mnml Screen Recorder.

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After the conversation is over, you will have 2 options for how to stop shooting — you can either click the “Stop” button in the app or open notification center, where you will see the icon performed in a black square. It also completes the entry. At the same time close you can see the icon in the shape of a cross. He, as you probably guessed, deletes only that record. But don’t worry: the program will tentatively ask you if you really want to do it.

2 options to pause the recording. Choose the one you prefer

And, of course, to use Mnml Screen Recorder can not only record video but also to record, for example, the gameplay of the games or the location of any hidden item is difficult of settings, finding that you can’t explain your friend. Pretty need in the management program.

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