How to record calls WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Logging service calls Service is relatively simple and that’s what made us think about how to record calls WhatsApp, we all make several calls on WhatsApp throughout the day because it’s more reliable than phone calls, the following is to you by recording calls WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

  • How to record calls of WhatsApp on Android / iPhone using your Mac and iPhone

The easiest way to record voice call on WhatsApp require both your Mac and iPhone, in the sense that it can’t be iPhone device your primary, you will need to the second phone – any platform that supports voice calls group WhatsApp – account contains your WhatsApp, here are how to record calls WhatsApp:

  • Connect the iPhone to your Mac using the cable Fast.
  • Then select the “trust this computer Trust this computer ” on iPhone, if this is the first time that you connect between the two devices.
  • Open QuickTime on your Mac.
  • Then under File, select record new audio New Audio Recording.
  • Next to the record button in QuickTime Player, click the arrow that points down and select iPhone.
  • After you press the record button in QuickTime.
  • Using the iPhone, a phone call via WhatsApp.
  • Then once you are connected, click on the icon Add User add user, then select the person you want to talk to him. Then you will start your conversation with the person that you want to record his calls.
  • And then disconnect the call once completed.
  • Then stop the recording in QuickTime and save the file on the Mac.

It is worth noting that all participants in the voice call on WhatsApp to know you’re recording the call, which means that there is no way for a call recording WhatsApp secretly without being discovered, and in any case, we must not try to hide the fact that you will record the conversation in the first place.

  • How to record calls spy WhatsApp on Android using Cube Call Recorder

Works both ways only with specific devices, due to the differences in hardware constraints, software, and recording VoIP calls (CIP Call Recorder) – used WhatsApp and voice over internet protocol (VoIP), a protocol voice over internet, only works on certain devices, in the list available as a spreadsheet Google is linked with the page the Play Store in the app, as recording works VoIP often on the devices listed in this menu.

So if you have a device listed in the spreadsheet above, you can try these steps:

  • Install Cube Call Recorder on your phone that has WhatsApp.
  • The Cube Call Recorder and then go to WhatsApp.
  • Contact the person who you want to talk to him.
  • If the tool Cube Call lit up during verification, it works.
  • If it gives you the error, open the settings Cube Call Recorder then choose to impose a VoIP call so much as a sound.
  • Then call again to see if the tool Cube Call Recorder show and dinner.
  • If gives you error again, then unfortunately the program will not work on your phone.
  • How to record calls the WhatsApp on phone Android an alternate way

Have Android users a third option to record the calls of WhatsApp, which is a working root for your device, but we do not recommend it in that it incorporates the security of your phone may prompt you to get out of the path of modernization of the manufacturer, but if you have to, do root your phone and use the app SCR Screen Recorder, available via the XDA.

The recording of calls, WhatsApp is fairly complex, so if none of these methods work, you can always turn on the speaker on your phone during a call and record it via a second cell phone or any device that has a voice recorder nearby, and all of that while sitting in a quiet room.

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