How to record calls on the phone OnePlus

Depending on your area, may not be offered the option of recording calls to the same users OnePlus others. But, as is the case with most things Android, where the developer has the Will, there is way apart from it. And the way that we are going to describe is one of the easiest ways and the most stable and the possibility of discovery.

A way to record voice calls time enrollment Viber Messenger Skype online emo

Have you ever heard this message, when I called customer service: “please note that this call recorded? ” Likely they know you’re registered because this is the law in this site (or at least necessary for delivery to be admissible in court). Is sent to all devices OnePlus from the factory with the ability to record calls, but based on the information about your area, it is disable this option, or it seems totally unavailable.

  • Control of the legality of call recording

Before you start recording calls, you must first check if it is legal in your state. While the law allows the FBI to record phone calls and personal talks with the consent of at least one party (for example, you), can such laws vary from state to state. Bean of California, for example, have the legal consent of the parties, which means that you must obtain permission from the person (s) of others before you can start shopping, as well as the Arab states, every state has their own laws.

Application of the Drupe with call recording and call fast

  • Requirements

  • Device OnePlus
  • Framework Magisk v17.1 installed
  • NANDroid backup (just in this case)
  • Step 1 Download the module OneClus Call Recorder Magisk

To get started, open Magisk Manager, then go to the navigation menu either by swiping in from the far left to the right, or by clicking on the 3 parallel lines are stacked in the upper left corner. Then click on the “Downloads Downloads “. Start typing the name of the unit – the word “call”. And when you see the option titled “include the OOS Native Call Recording Enabler” appears below, press the download icon download (down arrow pointing to a horizontal line.)

Step 2: light unit for Call Recorder

After that, click on “Install Install ” and wait until the Flash file. Now I’ve already downloaded the file, so no need to do it once again. Will the case of the flashing on the screen, with the option to reboot when finished.

Step 3-restart the phone

Can this module Magisk to survive the reboot, and is in fact required to enable the registration feature. Even if you close the restart option on the screen flashing by mistake, Press long on the power button until you see the restart option. And make sure you wish to reboot. Now when you open the modules, you should see include the OOS Native Call Recording Enabler included.

Step 4: optimize the potential of your shopping

Here’s how to enable the recording feature within the application to your phone (dialer): by first clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner. And specify the settings. Choose “Call Record” and change the option to the “ON” position. After clicking on Switch, you will see an additional option to enable the automatic registration of the call.

Application of the Drupe with call recording and call fast

If you choose to record calls manually, you’ll be able to record calls using the registered partner of a new in the user interface of the call. Then recordings will be saved as MP3 files in a folder on the partition your internal storage named “log record “.

How to record calls on the phone for OnePlus

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