How to reassign a button Bixby on the Galaxy S8, S9, S10

Samsung unveiled not long ago, the Galaxy S10. About smartphones we already wrote a lot in the recent materials, but did not affect the details that many are concerned about. So, for example, allows to Galaxy S10 to reassign the button Bixby. Asking Koreans is not the first year, and started the request with the Galaxy S8 in 2017. I am glad that the company, though late, but still able to listen to their fans.

But I wonder not only that, because the company intends to release an update for S8/S8+, S9/S9+, Note 8 and Note 9, which will bring in these devices the ability to remap the button Bixby. When will be released update have not yet been reported.

How to reassign a button Bixby on the Samsung?

So, go to settings and click on “Advanced Features” (advanced settings), then click “Bixby key” button (Bixby).

You may notice that the smartphone doesn’t offer completely abandon Bixby. You can only assign activation assistant by double tap on the button and on a single system in this case will allow you to specify to run an application.

We can, however, hang on one press run Bixby, and double — action.

If you click in the Bixby section on “Use single press” (single-click), a window opens with a selection of options. You can run a specific application and triggered by Bixby (e.g., call mom).

This all changes in this section OneUI in the new S10 end. I am glad that the company does not forget about old products, introducing a variety of interesting things. And this is not peculiar to Koreans who are not very willing to support the flagships, which are more than two years are on the shelves.


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