How to put a mini-player for iTunes music above all Windows computer, Mac

Is music player iTunes mini “iTunes MiniPlayer” is a great way for quick access to the music library of iTunes or Apple Music on a Mac without having to open the large window covering the screen.

Gives you this ease of access to tunes that are currently running, in addition to all the playback controls, and even show a record of what you are running.

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How to set music player iTunes mini over all the windows in the computer Mac

  1. Make sure that the window of iTunes (or the iTunes MiniPlayer) is the main window.
  2. Click on iTunes in the menu bar and click on preferences Preferences.
  3. Click Advanced Advanced.
  4. Check the select Box Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows, becoming the Mini is above all other Windows.

Now will the top of all other windows on the desktop.

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