How to protect yourself from viruses on Android?

When your mobile — the solution is not always obvious. Viruses are different, so in each case the approach should be individual. We all remember how Google was removed from the store a number of dangerous apps from a single developer, which together downloaded 500 thousand times. They are after the installation has disappeared from the desktop and was able to steal data of users. For example, in 2017, Google has removed from the store 700 thousand unsafe apps.

Does Google Play virus protection?

There! Google Play Protection daily checks 50 billion apps for threats.

Google Play Protection – built-in protection from malware for Android. The application of machine learning algorithms from Google allows it to continuously improve…Before you appear in Google Play, all Android apps are thoroughly tested. We block developers who violate the rules. And even after that Google Play daily Protection scans billions of apps. No matter where you’ve downloaded the app, it will be checked anyway.

How to fight viruses?

Firstly, it is necessary to carefully read the reviews on Google Play to try to distinguish real from fake. Secondly, before downloading, carefully review what permissions the app requires. If the game needs access to your contacts or your account, it should arouse suspicion. Thirdly, more often evaluate the device status. In the settings of the battery displays the statistics for the applications if any application that you almost did not use, expends a lot of battery power, it should be removed immediately.

Fourth, pay attention to temperature smartphone. The device must not be too hot for everyday tasks. Fifth, try to control the battery consumption. Typically, the malware takes a lot of resources, which affects the autonomy of the phone.

Sixth, do not attempt to flash the smartphone. In this case, there is a risk of losing the official warranty. The best solution would be to transfer the device to authorized service center.

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