How to protect your Facebook account using the built in Authentication.. the easiest and most secure

Looking all about the best way and safest to protect his data and accounts on the internet, among the things troubling possibility of hacking your account on the social networking site months global Facebook Facebook without your knowledge, so it’s necessary to search for a way to secure your access to your account.

Is a way to use multi-factor authentication Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to secure the access to your account information online, whether your account on Facebook or most other services, when you log in to the Facebook like, you will be required to enter the number is generated automatically within the application authentication, the Authentication, and the best apps Google authentication Google Authenticator.

First log in to Google Store (Play Store), and look for the application authentication Google, Google Authenticator, and then install the app on your smart phone, and then open the Google Authenticator app after you install it on your phone.

Now, open your Facebook account, and claimed to the settings menu Settings.

Choose protection, income Security and Login from the menu on the left.

Now click on the use authentication Two-Factor Use two-factor authentication to start a property setting authentication and activate it.

Press start to Get Started to start the activation and preparation of a property for authentication.

You will be shown two options are authentication via SMS Text Message and authentication by the application authentication Authentication App. We’re on our way this option to apply authentication, will be in front of the box barcode Barcode.

Now comes the step to add your Facebook account to the application authentication Google, Google Authenticator, which I already have installed on your phone and open it, the app click the plus sign (+) red at the bottom right of the app, which means add the account to the app, and then choose the option to scan a barcode Scan a barcode, then scan the box barcode, who appeared to you in the settings of Facebook.

Now, it was adding Facebook to your Google Authenticator app and started the app already in the allocation number is automatically updated every A short period, this number is what you enter in the page that show you Facebook now. Enter the number, and select next.

Now, the activation authentication when you log in to Facebook, no one will be able to open your account only by entering a code provided by the authentication app installed on your smartphone.

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