How to prepare to upgrade to iOS 12

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Stated company Apple it would do its program of Public Beta for iOS 12 to the side of the MacOS Mojave and TVOS 12 this month, are you thinking about running the latest software on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how to get ready to join the demo version year iOS 12.

We don’t know exactly when will Apple release Public Beta of the new operating system, but based on previous years, it may be that in early next week, while it’s exciting to test the latest features and updates before the general release for Fall of this year, there are some considerations before installing the beta software on your iPhone or any other device.

Before install the trial version year for iOS 12, it may be easy to focus on all the features and wonderful changes that it brings to the program, however it is also important to think about the negative aspects and evaluation of budgets.

Due to it being a pilot program, the Public Beta will start naturally on errors means that the apps and features won’t be always reliable, however the versions of the first and second developer beta iOS 12 has been relatively stable.

In the following some of the problems that we have noticed so far:

  • The GPS shows an inaccurate location.
  • CarPlay when the display backup camera side.
  • Application reminders regarding.
  • Increased battery drain.

If you can, install the demo version general on your iPhone a secondary device or iPad, otherwise you take some risk if you will use the new version on your device platform.

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