How to please a Facebook to offset Tik TOK through him?

كيف يسعى فيسبوك إلى إزاحة Tik TOK عبر تقليده؟

At the time he launched the Facebook, a new application called “Lasso”, it becomes clear that the application of the songs talk this is just a simulator clear for “TikTok” or “”, is seeking a social networking site months to visualize the scene through imitation of competitors?

Facebook people from the “Tik Tok”

The popular social media site Facebook, the issuance of the application videos recently, called Lasso, which enables users the opportunity to watch a video, or emerge through her singing lips to the tunes of a variety of music and songs or sections of Representative singers or other artists, in a video of maximum 15 seconds.

The idea of applying the Lasso is not entirely new, but are the same as those for the application of TikTok of China, who snatched the hearts of millions around the world, to the forefront of the applications in terms of the number of downloads in a short period, which seems to push Facebook to the tradition of the application of the Asian clearly the neutrals, via the Lasso.

The strangest of this, that the quantum staggering of the videos available on the application of the Lasso, and not a particular new application in full, even has the little Facebook, with some sections of the TikTok, as confirmed by the author in the position of “The Atlantic”, Taylor Lorenz, through its own account with the site Twitter.

Not the first time

Even writing those lines, not followed by officials at Facebook, the-emergence application of Lasso formally, only type the hospital official spokesperson of the site is universally known, with reference to the feeling of the members of Facebook, the excitement of what is going on recently, stressing that he was eagerly awaiting the reactions of the users.

No that is the first time, where a Facebook to the probability presented on the World Wide Web, via application version like application of areas, or even by a simulation strategy, as it facilitates the discovery of the extent of similarity between the nature of Instagram is owned by Facebook too, and the application Snapchat , which rivaled, but did not write in my Facebook about that later, but the application of a separate similar named Slingshot, did not continue for a long time, but it is explained in the end, the methodology is controversial follow its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, as well as his comrades, in the management of some fierce competitions.

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