How to please a Android P to protect you from the assembly?

A lot of reports all over the internet, on Spy applications, both applications famous or malicious software. Unfortunately this application can not only your data, whether videos or audio recordings during use, but it is truly able to stay in the background and spy on you all the time, which is something no one wants, of course, especially if it was malware, but it seems that this is about to end soon with Android P.

Step Google to prevent this type of privacy violation

In a good step to protect the user from these risks completely would Google in the Android version of Cairo has any application in the background from reaching the camera or microphone to end the security risks of these advantages that threaten the privacy of the user of the Android phone significantly.

According to XDA Developers wifi the application will be available in the background for a certain period of time without showing itself to the user for a certain period of time -not identified – will be denied access to the camera and microphone even if the arrival is not accepted.

To prevent the erosion of applications

In order to ensure the application of this water without notice will be the use of what’s called بUID, or App User ID is the identity of the specific download for the to a specific user remains valid even deleted the app and cannot be manipulated or changed at all.

Will the Android version upcoming Android P control of this identity is Non-recurrent to ensure that the application access the camera or microphone, where will be banned the identity of certain of the connections and will error if trying to access the camera or microphone more than once during his presence in the background.

Additional benefit you can think of.

The water from the other side also so that when you use an application call and go do something else you will not be able to the person you are talking with to hear what you say so that the next operating system will prevent data access to the application although the system will not prevent in this case the applications have access to your microphone exactly where you will be denied access data only on the return of the write data upon the return of the application to the screen.

Since coming from Android System Android P it hasn’t even been called yet and we have a lot of the official details about it, but we’ll know more between the third and tenth of May when the complexity of the Google conference Google I/O and kissed her also when version developers which will be released in March probably.

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