How to play the latest gaming news on the Mac?

So historically, Mac computers, and games – are incompatible. Many publishers and developers do not consider macOS as a prospective platform. It is understandable – in Mac usually set weak integrated and discrete accelerators. In addition, the desktop operating system Apple is a very small part of the market. However, all this does not mean that you will not be able to play on your Mac.

How to play on Mac

To play on Mac in the latest gaming hits is quite real, and you do not even have to install Windows or buy an external graphics card (eGPU). All we need is high speed Internet with low latency and service GeForce NOW.

The idea was so simple — cloud service NVIDIA provides users with a virtual game server. On your computer, only the video stream is transmitted, but all your clicking with a mouse and keyboard is logged. In other words, it will look like you run the game on Mac, however, actually, the GeForce NOW runs the game remotely on a PC in the cloud.

Gaming configuration

Service GeForce provides its customers with a very powerful configuration (8-core Intel Xeon, Nvidia Tesla P40, 16 GB RAM). This ensures that you will be able to play all gaming news in recent years. And most importantly — the game absolutely no space on the Mac, since they are all stored directly on the remote server. At the moment the cloud service provides access to over 400 games, including platforms such as Steam, Uplay, and Epic Game Launcher. Large digital services EA Origin do not exist, the Microsoft Store and GOG. A full list is available here.

It is worth noting that the play “pirate” version will not work. To start the game using your personal account at one of the playgrounds — and that means without a license is not necessary.

The main condition for the game — a stable Internet connection. In ideal conditions, the stream is in Full HD resolution (1920×1080) at 60 frames per second. Other things being equal, the resolution of the transmitted stream may vary. Control responsiveness at the same time does not change, remaining at a consistently high level.

System requirements:

  • OS X Yosemite and newer;
  • Connection speed not below 15 Mbit/s for the game in 720p resolution at 60fps and at least 25 Mbit/s to game in 1080p at 60fps.
  • A list of supported Mac can be found here.

At the moment the service is in beta testing, and access to it absolutely free. However, to use a cloud platform may not everyone needs to fill out a questionnaire and wait for an invitation. To apply for access can here.

The release date of public version GeForce Now for Mac and a subscription to the service will be announced later.

Personal opinion

GeForce NOW — a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend a considerable sum on a powerful gaming PC. You can play even on slower MacBook, anytime and anywhere. For transmission of video does not need a lot of resources, and in all likelihood the cooling system will operate at minimum speed, which also is a big advantage. But the main question is different now — how much is the subscription. For $ 10 per month this service would certainly recommend to all. However, the pricing service often does not coincide with our desires.

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