How to play the game Fortnite for iOS and Android

Not wanting to run the game Fortnite on a mobile phone is something we need to think about or hesitation, the massive success achieved by the Fortnite Battle Royale on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch making a lot of people seek it, and fortunately lets the style of Fortnite art carbon reduced its size easily to the screens of smart phones, which have never been more able to exercise online games.

If you want to jump directly to game Epic Games on the mobile phone. Open this end, you put our guide step-by-step to start the adventure game Fortnite portable, but in the beginning what is Fortnite on mobile?, the Fortnite mobile is full game you know and love from the computers and control devices, with the same weapons and the same map and schedule update is identical, as is air conditioning the controls for the touch screen with some automatic actions to make them less enthusiastic, including picking up items, opening doors.

Choose user interface elements for Fortnite on Android also, with the advent of additional buttons for, there are indicators in the footsteps of the title on the screen to notify you to contact for any sounds nearby, other than that the game Fortnite on the mobile phone is the same game on other devices.

How to download game Fortnite on mobile

كيفية تشغيل لعبة Fortnite لهواتف iOS و AndroidHow to play the game Fortnite for iOS and Android

If you are a user of iOS, all you have to do is head to the App Store as usual and look for Fortnite in the search bar, then click on Install and wait until show the game icon on the Home screen or the app list, it’s already easy for users of ios, but how is the Install Fortnite Mobile on Android, unfortunately, won’t find it in the Google Play Store like all of your other apps. While users of iOS download Fortnite happily from the Apple App Store, will anyone on Android find the file custom install, on the site of Fortnite.

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Not having the game directly on the Google Store may have something to do with not giving Google a 30% reduction on purchases apps Fortnite, all players do that, open the Internet Browser on their smartphones, whether it be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, the transition to, where they will find a Fortnite Installer to download, it will take the installation file APK is about 2 MB of storage space, although the game itself comes with a capacity of 2 GB bigger.

What are the supported phones to run the game Fortnite

كيفية تشغيل لعبة Fortnite لهواتف iOS و AndroidHow to play the game Fortnite for iOS and Android

Before you go any further, it is worth checking that your phone is already compatible with Fortnite on Android, while the game has been optimized to play on mobile, but that the old phones don’t live up to the performance level required to run the game, so we have provided you in the previous picture phones that support running the game before making an effort to upload them and then don’t work for you.

Requirements to run the game on phones not included

كيفية تشغيل لعبة Fortnite لهواتف iOS و AndroidHow to play the game Fortnite for iOS and Android

Proposed Epic also that devices are not included in this list may support the operator if you have the following specifications:
OS: recommended Android 8.0 or higher 64-bit.
RAM: 3GB or higher.
Graphics processing unit: Adreno 530 or higher.
Mali-G71 MP20, the Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

Why are you trying to Epic Games on the version of Android outside the Play Store?

كيفية تشغيل لعبة Fortnite لهواتف iOS و AndroidHow to play the game Fortnite for iOS and Android

It’s definitely a bold decision – the Play Store is the place where users of Android on the vast majority of their apps, so it is through the lack of them, you might lose the Epic to some players, but the game Fortnite a great name for the family, perhaps hoping the developer doesn’t mind players taking some extra steps to get it on their phones, add to it by forcing the players to download the game through its web site, The Epic participation of any of the funds which derive from purchases within the app with Google.

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If a company Fortnite present on the Play Store, Google will get a slice by 30%, as Apple do with iOS version, has pointed out the official press release to the wishes of the Epic in the construction of the “direct relationship” with its players has been the beginning of it is that launched the Epic since then, the store Epic Games Store own provide Fortnite and more to the side of the market its own digital.

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