How to pick image best without exposing yourself

Have photos and Stories snapchat for 24 hours before they disappear forever when all users, so if you capture a screen picture (ScreenShot) officer, or the story will notice the user who uploaded it to tell you what I did, however, there are some tricks to avoid the scandal, knowing that some may not work with the passage of time and detection by the police.

Without an Internet connection

Download the image of snape or the story first and without the need to open them – which will reveal that you shot him, and then close WiFi and data connection or do flight mode, after the image of the company, and do not suffer Internet connection by heading to Settings > Applications > Snapchat > storage and then delete all data anddelete the file Cache, then you can connect to the internet but will require to re-login.

Apps screen recording

Applications such as Az Screen Recorder, it can record video phone screen, during video recording you can open snapchat and become what you want of the pictures or the stories, after the completion of recording the video you’ll find his studio, where you can cut them to what I wanted from the photo.

Also you can use custom apps to take pictures the screen best without having to reveal such as the application of SnapSaver.

Using Google

Maybe it’s the easiest way, but is expected to reveal its snapchat and its soon if not done.

While browsing snapchat call assistant Google for and hold the main button or by saying “Ok Google”, then once that captures the image of the company strongly or writing “take a screenshot”, knowing that the images do not stimulate directly in the studio but must be shared by another application or upload them to Google image.

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