How to permanently disable tracking location on Android

When you set up your device on Android for the first time, you will be prompted whether you want to share your location data. Most of us agree to do it, but after all the recent scandals involving the leakage of personal data, it would be a good idea to take care of personal safety. And now we will tell you how to prevent your smartphone to share your location.

Just say that using this feature can provide you with useful information, such as automatic weather data or traffic conditions, improved search results and so on. But even if you trust Google, then in case of loss of device, or hacking, all these data can be used by hackers.

First, open “Settings”, scroll down to the “Security and location”. Here you will see the switch on/off this setting. Sign in this item and find the option “Google location History”. Disabling this item will not only turn off the tracking feature, but will allow the smartphone to capture the story of where you were.

Under “location History” select “View / manage” and you will fall into the category of “Personal data”. From here you can delete all location history or do
it selectively, leaving some information if you need it.

You can also delete tracking data and without access to the smartphone directly from your computer. To do this go to settings of your Google account. Then find “controlling”, and then disable “location History”. A popup window will appear that will warn you that the whole history of the location will be deleted. Agree to these terms and conditions and your location is no longer tracked.

What is the lack of disable location tracking Android

You will lose some features of Android, which were discussed above. In addition, Google now will become less useful unless he knows your favorite places, and some apps don’t work very well without the inclusion of location services. On the other hand, little use of GPS means much less drain on the battery.

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