How to pay a restaurant bill with your smartphone and get 10% cashback

A couple of years ago the problem of finding cafes and restaurants with high ratings decided service Foodmap, which displays the level of places right on the map based on real user reviews. However, the developers decided not to stop and with the latest update added to my app the ability to pay the bill and get a instant cashback.

As usual you are paying for the restaurant bill? First, you need to call the waiter, then some time to wait for a paper check (sometimes it is long), then you bring a Bank terminal, another check, you need to tip…in fact the procedure is not very fast.

But you can pay your bill from your phone!

Foodmap simplified the task in the extreme: choose from the list the school where you just had lunch or dinner, enter the amount on the cheque and pay using Apple Pay or a credit card. All will take less than one minute!

How to get cash back

Not only that, this innovative payment method great time-saver, so it also saves on trips to cafés and restaurants. For each payment account Foodmap pays cashback of 5 %. It will be credited automatically after payment — no need to wait for a month, as, for example, in banking applications. The reward comes every Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In fact, you just return a part of money — for example, if you pay the bill on 2, 000 and get 10 % cashback, it’s 200 rubles, you can safely another dessert order or coffee. The app also keeps a history of payments, so that you will not encounter a situation where I forgot where, and how eaten.

Conveniently, Foodmap makes it easy to share the expense and pay for it separately — will only need to provide the code to the waiter to confirm payment. By the way, the restaurateurs also have a personal account in Foodmap, where you can run Analytics purchases. The service has already connected more than 1 000 restaurants with cashback and discounts, where satisfied users have earned millions of rubles cashback.

You can download it here: iOS; Android.

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