How to partition flash USB on Windows 10

There did not deal with external storage media, whether USB stick or an external hard disk, HDD or SSD, is well know here that these media come with the storage space one by default not divided for keeping files and documents and let the data between computers.

Mastered here is one of the ways to split those media whatever its identity, as may be required to resort to this option if the user a lot of interests, like dividing the flash drive or external hard drive for the purpose of installing a copy of Windows removable for take-off . Installed on a section of flash in the exploitation of the rest of the distance of The Flash to save the files to another.

How to partition flash drives, USB drive on Windows 10

We will share with you the way to directly depend on one of the free programs in time, which supports the operating system with this feature, Split feature that media through Computer Management, but it is not that Gui that make the implementation of the assessment process safe.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

Work beginning to download the program AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition from its official website at the following link:


When you install the program on your device, do follow the following steps then I’m working on the hook and connect the flash drive or external storage to your computer.

1 – run the program will display all the storage media attached to the computer, will External Media “The Flash” will also be the internal hard drive. You’ll learn to flash the desired split of the capacity of storage.

I work here to put pressure on the flash drive Disk2 Bimini the mouse and select the ones that Create Partition create a new partition.

2 . use the slider to determine the capacity of each section. Then click on OK.

3 . Why are the division of the flash here, you need to click on Apply in the implementation of the evaluation process.

At any time later when you want to change the size of any of the sections of the flash you’ll find the option to Resize a partition is accompanied by the pressure to Apply is on the job.

The program above allows us to split the internal hard disk without damage and the inside of the windows, it is perfectly safe when performing this task.


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