How to participate in the beta testing of Google applications for iOS

Despite the fact that Apple opens access to beta versions of their operating systems for everyone, the chance to test out preview builds of iOS apps is not easy. Obviously, so many developers are trying to do without public beta tests. But Google is not afraid of the challenges of working with TestFlight and a large audience of testers and gave the official start of the pre-testing of their iOS applications.

By submitting an application to participate in the beta, remember that the test version of the application to which access will be opened to you, often may suffer from hangs and crashes and problems with some functions. Therefore, we recommend not to remove the stable build, because you still need it.

How to become a beta tester

  • To participate in the pre-test time, you need to apply.
  • To do this, follow this link and log in using your Google account;
  • Select the devices on which you will conduct the testing of applications;
  • Select applications, access to beta versions which you would like to have (some of them do not work in Russia and CIS countries).
  • Select the language in which you want to test the beta version of Google apps;
  • Accept the user agreement and confirm participation in the program pre-testing;
  • Then download from App Store app TestFlight (it was created by Apple specially for distribution beta version, so no risk);
  • Wait for email message with a link to the beta version of selected apps, which can already be installed on the device.

Providing access to the beta program is not guaranteed to anything you do not oblige, although it assumes that you will be in constant contact with the developers, sharing information with them about the bugs and flaws in the test versions of applications. Hurry, space is limited.

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