How to operate the camera smartphone?

Consumers often choose smartphones, assessing their photo and video capabilities. From what depends the quality of the photos? First, the quality of the camera module. How many details this module is able to receive. Second, much depends on the image processing (the science of color).

How do you operate a camera? Photons of light pass through the lens. Aperture determines how much light needs to obtain camera. Further, the shutter in front of the sensor (matrix) controls how long the sensor needs to receive light. Further, the matrix converts light into a digital image. For each pixel of the matrix are photons, and more photons, the brighter will be the weekend of the pixels of the matrix.

In order to understand the matrix colour is used Bayer filter, it is located in front of the matrix and filters the photons wavelength. Each color (blue, green and red) has its own wavelength. Using debayering, which is a complex mathematical calculation, is the process of restoring full-color images.

And this is only part of the work being done by the smartphone camera. Then it comes software processing the images, because if the final result was in RAW-format, he would have liked, to put it mildly, not all. The process of image processing is the science of color.

Manufacturers can adjust white balance, color, contrast, saturation and other parameters. In recent years, often resorting to means of artificial intelligence. With the help of a program to recognize objects in a photo and applies separately to each object specific color settings.

For example, Apple’s iPhone likes to use warm colors. Typically, warm colors are eye-pleasing. In the Pixel 3 Google uses aggressive mode HDR+, which greatly increases the contrast and sharpness of the image and makes the image more cold.

Samsung previously loved to use a higher saturation and contrast. Recently, the Koreans changed their the science of color, in Note 9, the emphasis is on realistic colours and improved brightness.

All manufacturers use Sony camera, but the Sony smartphones have the worst pictures on the market. The reason for this bad treatment.

This material is only superficially covers the camera and processing the images, but I hope many will find it useful.

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