How to open video in a separate Chrome browser window on your computer

Picture-in-picture to view the video in a separate window of the web browser, this month debuted in the web version of YouTube, appeared as the official Google Chrome. Innovation became available with the last update of the web browser for platforms such as macOS, Windows and Linux, allowing users to access video from the brand hosting the search giant in a small window on top of other pages.

By and large, picture-in-picture from Google Chrome duplicates the functionality of the web version of YouTube, because it is able to broadcast the content in a separate window just for this platform. However, in contrast, will continue to support the playback, even if you switch to another tab.

How to open YouTube videos in a picture-in-picture

To open the video, posted on YouTube, the picture-in-picture, you need to start any movie, then click on the playback screen with the right mouse button and from the drop down window to choose “Play in separate window”. This command will make the video in a small window, allowing you to switch between open tabs, and not only work with interface YouTube.

Because the picture-in-picture is only available in the latest version of the web browser, before using is highly recommended to ensure that your computer is installed with it. Otherwise, download the current build of Google Chrome through the air or wait for automatic updates, which will occur after you restart the browser.

How to play the movie in a separate window

Despite the fact that Google Chrome cannot play video in picture-in-picture out YouTube regular means, this can be done using a third-party extension called Picture-in-Picture. It works with all videos regardless of the platform on which they are placed. This will be especially useful when playing movies or TV shows.

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