How to open a ZIP file on Android?

ZIP is a format file archiving and compression of data without loss. This format easy to transfer multiple files, but the reduced size will be an additional advantage. File compression typically occurs via the Deflate algorithm. Android is not able to open this format out of the box, so the only solution would be to use third-party apps in Google Play. However, which one is the best and proven?

Previously, Google released the Files application is a file Manager. It can be including to open ZIP archives. To do this, download the app from the link below. After installation, open it, go to the “Views”. If the file is located in “Downloads”, you can immediately access a category “Downloaded files”. In our case, the ZIP archive was downloaded from the Telegram, so go to the internal memory, looking for the folder “Telegram”, then go to “Telegram Documents”. In this folder should be the file you downloaded. If you click on it, the app will prompt you to extract the files, after clicking on “Continue” will open a small window with the preview of documents.

Click on “Finish”, then you will be unpacking the archive to a folder of the same name.

Files — very convenient and useful app from Google

Under “Sharing” you can share videos, apps and other data with people nearby who have the decision.

Special attention is given the interface in the style Material Design of the second version with Google fonts Sans. The main Files window displays the amount of used memory and analyzes the repository for the presence of junk files. Just below the duplicates are displayed, the application cache with images, and videos, and downloaded large files. In simple words, Google Files in addition to supporting ZIP files, like many other features. Recommended!

App: Google Files: free up space on your phone
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Version: 1.0.224103129
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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