How to open a menu of subscriptions on iOS in two clicks

Subscriptions have become one of the duties of that monthly Rob us of our earnings. In most cases, their use is more than kompensiruet opportunities that they provide, but with time passes it accumulates so much, that Willy-nilly start to think about the need to reduce their number? For our convenience, Apple has come up with a single point of subscription management, which is hidden in settings App Store. But, it turns out, there is an easier way to get to it.

This tutorial is a continuation of a series of materials about the automation of everyday processes using the application “Quick commands” (download from the App Store). Despite its low popularity, it can provide the ability to perform even those tasks which before seemed only to users of open operating systems like Android.

How to find subscriptions on iOS

  • To go to the list of all feature subscriptions are tied to your Apple ID, download it to the device called “iTunes Subscription”;
  • Now open the page with widgets (extreme desktop screen, left);
  • Click “Edit” in the dialog add a homescreen widget of “Quick commands”;
  • After a “Fast team” will appear in the list of widgets activate by pressing the command “Subscribe iTunes”.

After a moment of loading you will be taken to a page with all subscriptions that you have ever issued. Here you will be able to suspend active pass, forbidding them to write off the money with your Bank card and also renew those that you once refused.

To cancel a subscription on iOS

Now every time you need to change something in their subscriptions, you can always go to the appropriate section, Saipov on the desktop from left to right and press activate. Agree, this is much easier than finding the appropriate section in the settings catalog App Store manually?

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